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Window Washing Robots are a Pain in the Glass

Commercial window cleaners are professionals and experts who have perfected the art of creating a streak free, glimmering window through decades of practice. However, in today’s tech-dominated world, it is no surprise that someone has developed a device to rival classic window cleaners in San Diego. Throughout the last year, a handful of companies have tested out window cleaning robots in an attempt to eliminate the need for commercial window cleaners. While we might be biased, here’s what we’ve found about these robots. The only cleaner that made it through the ringer is Ecovacs’ Winbot. But what does Wired Magazine have to say about Ecovacs’ latest and supposedly most advanced model? Wired reviewer Michael Lasky gave it 4 out of 10, writing that the downsides outweigh any benefits. After considering the set up time, must-have accessories and its lack of ability to clean anything that is heavily soiled or covered in frost, Lasky writes that “if you were to clean the glass yourself, it would take less time and involve much less of a hassle.” Safety also needs to be considered when using these devices. While Winbot does suction to the window, users need a “safety pod” if they wish to clean windows that are above ground level (as most commercial windows are) and the machine needs to be plugged in at all times, most likely with the assistance of an extension cord. What happens if the battery dies, you ask? The device falls to the ground, putting anyone below at potential risk for injury. There have also been larger, commercial sized window cleaning bots that have failed the spot and safety test. Time after time these large and dangerous devices failed to do provide the same high level of cleanliness San Diego window washing professionals were able to achieve. The large robotic cleaners don’t adhere to anything that is not 100% glass and with most facades made of a mix of materials, this is a standout disadvantage. The device also needs to be constantly monitored and readjusted to make sure it is thoroughly cleaning the window and being redirected to the correct path. Skyriders Window Cleaning in San Diego has been in the business of commercial window washing for almost 30 years and holds every training, security and insurance certification required by the state of California. And unlike those robots, we genuinely care about making sure you are fully satisfied with our services. To request a complimentary bid, contact us today at 619-574-9999.

Why Should You Choose Skyriders San Diego for Your Window Washing Needs?

So you have your own business and want to make sure that the glistening glass on the outside gives off a great first impression. Why should you choose Skyriders San Diego window cleaning? For starters, we believe in getting it right the first time and make sure that we tailor our process to your needs. We are open six days a week and offer flexible scheduling to make it convenient for you. We also begin with a full evaluation of your building to figure out your specific window cleaning needs and where we might need to spend extra attention to ensure your company looks its best. We also pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with our respected clients, some of which include Petco and Sempra Energy.  We have been in this business for 29 years and now have over 140 commercial clients that trust us with their monthly window cleaning needs. Aside from our exceptional San Diego window cleaning services, here are some other reasons our clients stick with us for the long run:
  • We coordinate all traffic control while we’re on your premises
  • Skyriders is a fully insured San Diego window cleaner
  • We always show up on time with a uniformed team
  • We follow-up to make sure you are fully satisfied with your services
  • Our vehicles have GPS tracking allowing you to see that we arrived on time and conducted the work on the agreed day
  • Our supervisors are all certified in suspended stage use, scaffolding and boom truck operation in addition to having an average of over 10 years of experience
  • We have San Diego County Security clearances, North County Transit Authority clearances, Sempra Security Clearances and FBI Security Clearances
If all of that didn’t convince you, we also offer complimentary breakfast meetings. In 30 minutes or less, these meetings give us both a chance to discuss your individual needs and concerns over a cup of coffee and pastries. Call 619-574-9999 to set up a breakfast meeting or for a free quote.

How to Clean Your Home’s Windows like a Pro

While your business’ windows need to be cleaned multiple times a month, your home’s glass only needs to be washed two or three times a year. Most people grab a roll of paper towels and glass cleaner and laboriously move around from frame to frame until they notice that their windows don’t look any cleaner than when they started! That’s because all of that rubbing is simply moving dirt around, not removing it. Cleaning your company’s windows should be left to the professional San Diego window cleaners at Skyriders, but you can get home windows glistening with just a few tips and tricks we’ve picked up over the years. Skyriders has been the leader in San Diego commercial window washing since 1984 so it goes without saying that we know a thing or two about window washing. As you prepare for San Diego’s mild winter months you should also be preparing for your bi-annual home window cleaning. Instead of using standard spray cleaner for your home’s exterior windows just mix a small squirt of dish soap in a bucket with some warm water. Next dip a strip applicator into the solution and apply it to your window panes. Then grab your squeegee (a must-have window cleaning tool) and start at the top corner of the window moving towards the bottom in an “S” pattern. Helpful hint: be sure to wipe the blade on a lint-free cloth at the end of each swipe.  You can then use a dry chamois to wipe off any remaining moisture while you smile in at your streak-free shining reflection. Skyriders offers all the San Diego window cleaning services you need when it comes to commercial window washing for your business. Call us at 619-574-9999 with any questions you might have.

Are Dirty Windows Hurting Your Business?

When most people set up a business, clean windows usually aren’t at the top of their maintenance to-do list. However, your property’s windows are the first thing that people notice, and they can instantly affect your professional reputation, for better or worse. You’ve worked hard to set up your business, don’t let dirty windows be the reason it doesn’t succeed. San Diego in particular is especially susceptible to salt residue because of its proximity to the ocean. Windows can easily build up years of lime and mineral deposits, seasonal grime, and accumulate cobwebs along edges and corners. You don’t want this to be the first things your prospective clients see. Make sure your windows are clean and set your business up to make a good first impression. Skyriders Commercial Window Cleaning in San Diego recommends getting your business’ windows cleaned at least twice a month. By setting up a window cleaning schedule, you won’t have to spend extra money on trying to remove years of build-up. Additionally, your costs will be controlled as you will know the monthly costs for window maintenance ahead of time. Routine San Diego window washing also cut downs on costs by allowing more penetration of direct sunlight. Simply open the blinds and you create an environment full of natural light through your spotless windows. As the cost of electricity climbs in San Diego, it can be helpful to cut costs wherever possible. Clean windows can also help improve attitude in the work place. As we said before, clean and radiant windows improves direct sunlight and that extra Vitamin D can boost productivity and enhance mood and overall happiness. Not to mention, having a clear view of the outside landscape and skyline can make being inside a little less constricting. Have a large commercial building? No problem! Skyriders has an expert team of San Diego window cleaners to make sure the integrity of your building shines. We take care of all the dirt and grime, making sure everything is done right the first time around. Don’t hesitate to call 619-574-9999 for a free quote today. Remember, our windows are always “so clean you can kiss our glass.”